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ILUMIEN™ PCI Optimization System

Product Highlights

  • Combines the physiological and anatomical modalities of fractional flow reserve (FFR) and optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Easy on-screen guide simplifies ILUMIEN™ FFR and OCT procedures with a seamless user interface
  • Move between FFR and OCT modalities with one touch
  • The flexibility and cost efficiency of a mobile unit
  • Mobile console with dual screens, keyboard and mouse
  • Wireless FFR setup in one or multiple labs
  • Integrated case storage and easy patient ID retrieval

Ordering Information

Contents: OCT Imaging Engine, St. Jude Medical Cardiology Application Software Package, Drive-motor and Optical Controller, ILUMIEN Custom Computer, Operator’s Monitor—High Resolution LCD 17", Physician’s Monitor—High Resolution LCD 19", Integrated Mobile Console, Keyboard and Mouse, Accessory Kit and Operator’s Manual

Reorder Number Description
900-700-00 ILUMIEN PCI Optimization System
ILUMIEN™ PCI Optimization System

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