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Stent Optimization Software


OCT enhances daily decision making for complex PCI, both pre- and post-stenting. The OPTIS™ Stent Optimization Software delivers tools to further improve stent sizing and placement while providing apposition assessment for drug-eluting and bare-metal stents.

Product Highlights

New Clinical Functionality:

  • Stent roadmap on angio co-registration
  • Automated measurements
  • Stent apposition indicator
  • 3-D bifurcation mode
    • Side branch detection
    • Carina view
  • Enhanced 3-D navigation
  • 3-D flythrough mode
  • Turn on/off display of tissue, lumen, guidewires and stent(s) in 3-D view

OCT System Software Compatibility

  • OPTIS™ Integrated System
  • OPTIS™ Mobile System
  • ILUMIEN™ OPTIS™ System*
  • Offline Review Workstation (ORW) versions: ILUMIEN™ OPTIS™ ORW and ILUMIEN™ ORW

Ordering Information

Reorder Number Description
E4-FULL-WW OPTIS™ Stent Optimization Software Version: E.4 Full Software
E4-ORW-WW OPTIS™ Stent Optimization Software - ORW Version: E.4 Full Software
E4-STD-WW OPTIS™ Software Upgrade
Version: E.4 Standard Software (This standard revision includes basic revisions and does not include the full premier functionality described here.)
OPTIS™ Metallic Stent Optimization Software

Rx Only

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