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Dragonfly™ OPTIS™ Imaging Catheter

Product Highlights

  • OCT imaging catheter for OPTIS™ Integrated System*, ILUMIEN™ OPTIS™ and ILUMIEN PCI Optimization systems
  • Proprietary sheath design provides continuous calibration throughout pullback
  • Rapid exchange tip for easier guidewire loading
  • Radiopaque markers at the distal tip, imaging lens and 50 mm proximal to the lens aid the physician in aligning the OCT pullback to region of interest
  • Shaft markers at 90 cm and 100 cm notify the physician when the distal tip is exiting the guide catheter
  • 2.7 F low-profile tip
  • Hydrophilic coating
  • Compatible with standard 0.014" guidewires
  • Compatible with D.2 and E.2 software or higher

Ordering Information

Reorder Number Description Working Length (cm) Outer Diameter (distal) Maximum Guidewire (in) Minimum Guide Catheter (F) Coating
C408646 Dragonfly OPTIS Imaging Catheter, Sterile DOC Cover and 1 Sterile 3 ml Syringe 135 2.7 F 0.014 6 Hydrophilic coating
Reorder Number Description
200-700-00 Sterile DOC Cover
C408655 Sterile 3 ml Syringe
Dragonfly™ OPTIS™ Imaging Catheter

Rx Only

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Dragonfly OPTIS catheter, ILUMIEN, ILUMIEN OPTIS systems and OPTIS integrated system are designed, developed and manufactured by LightLab Imaging, Inc. Product referenced is approved for CE Mark.

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