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PressureWire™ Aeris™ Guidewire with Agile Tip Technology

Product Highlights

  • A wireless pressure guidewire for measurement of coronary pressure that enables fast and easy FFR assessment without the clutter of cabling. Designed for exceptional control and offers high maneuverability even in tortuous vessels
  • For improved handling, the smaller and lighter transmitter has three new features: slide button, indicator lights and cap and wire connector.
  • Unique, proprietary symmetrical tip design for improved steerability1
  • Hydrophilic coating with reduced friction for improved device delivery and compatibility1
  • Hydrophilic polymer sleeve isolates the wires, cabling and electronics to increase signal reliability
  • Patented sensor technology enables accurate FFR measurement
  • PressureWire™ Aeris™ guidewire provides fast, wireless integration of crucial FFR data directly into your hemodynamic recording system or to the QUANTIEN™, ILUMIEN™ OPTIS™ or OPTIS™ Integrated systems, for simplified cath lab workflow
    and optimum efficiency
  • When used together with a hemodynamic recording system, the PressureWire™ Receiver interface is required (sold separately)

Ordering Information

Contents: PressureWire™ Aeris™ (5 units per box)

Reorder Number Description
C12058 PressureWire Aeris guidewire with Agile Tip technology, 175
C12358 PressureWire Aeris guidewire with Agile Tip technology, 300
PressureWire™ Aeris™ Guidewire with Agile Tip Technology

1. St. Jude Medical. Data on File.

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PressureWire Aeris guidewire, PressureWire receiver and QUANTIEN system are designed, developed and manufactured by St. Jude Medical Systems AB. ILUMIEN and ILUMIEN OPTIS systems are designed, developed and manufactured by LightLab Imaging, Inc.

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