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PressureWire™ X Guidewire

FFR Measurement System

Product Highlights

  • New flat corewire design for a softer, more durable tip with excellent shapeability, re-shapeability and shape retention*
  • Hydrophilic coating with reduced friction for improved device delivery and compatibility**
  • Proprietary, high-fidelity sensor technology for measurement of intravascular pressure
  • Wireless radio technology for easier maneuverability and reduced clutter across the sterile field
  • Hydrophilic-coated polymer sleeve protects cabling and electronics from fluids
  • With the proximal transmitter removed, the wireless PressureWire™ guidewire acts as a standard 0.014" guidewire, enabling balloon and stent placement***
  • Multiple platform compatibility, including hemodynamic recording systems (via PressureWire™ Receiver) and St. Jude Medical™ PCI systems
PressureWire™ X Guidwire

Ordering Information

Reorder Number Description
C12009 PressureWire™ X Cabled FFR Guidewire, 175 cm
C12059 PressureWire™ X Wireless FFR Guidewire, 175 cm
C12309 PressureWire™ X Cabled FFR Guidewire, 300 cm
C12359 PressureWire™ X Wireless FFR Guidewire, 300 cm
PressureWire™ X Guidewire

*St. Jude Medical. Data on File. Report 90205274, 90205458 and 90195298
**St. Jude Medical. Data on File. #R3118-01
***Refer to Instructions for Use


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