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Engage™ Introducer 25 cm Sheath with Guidewire

Product Highlights

  • Standard introducer for both diagnostic and interventional catheterizations
  • Smooth transitions, lengthened tapers and precise tipping for excellent insertion performance
  • Shorter, more controlled dilator protrusion for easy access
  • Rotating strain relief and flexible suture ring for easy patient management
  • Strain relief aids in kink resistance
  • Optimized hub design for effective clot management
  • Seal balances pass-through friction while maintaining reliable hemostasis with devices up to 9 F

Ordering Information

Contents: Introducer Sheath with Hemostasis Valve, Sideport, Dilator, and 80 cm Double Distal Guidewire with “J” and Straight Tips (10 units per box)

Reorder Number French Size (ACT) Sheath Length (cm) Guidewire Diameter (in)
C408511 4 25 0.035
C408512 5 25 0.035
C408513 6 25 0.035
C408514 7 25 0.035
C408515 8 25 0.035
C408516 9 25 0.035
C408517 5 25 0.038
C408518 6 25 0.038
C408519 7 25 0.038
C408520 8 25 0.038
C408521 9 25 0.038
Engage™ Introducer 25 cm Sheath with Guidewire

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