Technical Resources

Technical Product Information

We are the first to say that our products are innovative and top quality. We also know they use complex technology. We have pulled together a number of helpful resources for our customers that provide important information about our products. In addition, our technical support specialists can address specific questions or problems.

Product catalog

Find product highlights, reorder numbers, technical specifications and product considerations for all of our heart failure management, cardiac rhythm management, electrophysiology, structural heart, vascular and neuromodulation products. 

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Product performance reports

Part of our commitment to quality is keeping medical professionals and their patients informed about how well our devices work. We release two reports a year detailing overall performance and reliability of our implantable cardiac devices and leads. 

Read our current and archived reports.

Product advisories 

We strive for the utmost safety and reliability in our products, but issues can occur. When they do, we work to get information out to health care professionals and patients as quickly as possible.

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Product manuals (Instructions for Use)

We provide many product manuals online, in almost 30 languages, for your convenience.

MRI Ready resources

Our MRI Ready (MR Conditional) products remove an obstacle for patients with devices that need to receive an MRI. 

Explore our MRI Ready resources.

Neuromodulation Replacement Equipment

If your neuromodulation patient requires the replacement of external parts of your system, please contact Abbott (formerly St. Jude Medical) Technical Services at 1-800-727-7846 (Option 3) to see if the equipment is covered under warranty.

If the equipment is not covered by warranty, the Technical Services staff will you’re your patient the option of having Continuum Services facilitate the equipment replacement. Non-warranty replacement equipment requires a signed prescription. Continuum Services will work with the patient, the authorized prescriber, and the insurance company to get the prescription and arrange for insurance billing. For more information, visit Neuromodulation Continuum Services or call 877-217-1485. Email inquiries may also be sent to