The CardioMEMS™ HF System

CardioMEMS™ HF System: Learn more about how St. Jude Medical is thinking about heart failure
CardioMEMS™ HF System
Components of the CardioMEMS™ HF System

The CardioMEMS™ HF System

St. Jude Medical is proud to introduce a new tool for comprehensive heart failure care. The CardioMEMS™ HF System is the first and only FDA-approved heart failure (HF) monitoring system proven to significantly reduce HF hospital admissions and improve quality of life in NYHA class III patients.1

When used by clinicians to manage heart failure, the CardioMEMS HF System is:

  • Safe and reliable – demonstrated 98.6% freedom from device or system complications1
  • Clinically proven – reduced HF admissions by 37%1
  • Proactive and personalized – patient management through direct monitoring of PA pressure and titration of medications
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Northwell Health data confirms patient benefits when managed with the CardioMEMS™ HF System

Dr. Amit Alam presented data at the 2016 ACC Annual Scientific Sessions showing a statistically significant improvement in exercise capacity and quality of life in heart failure patients managed with the CardioMEMS™ HF System compared to standard-of-care HF management.3

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Newly Published CHAMPION Clinical Trial Analysis Demonstrates the Link between PA Pressure Monitoring Interventions and Decreased HF Hospitalizations

A new manuscript by Dr. M.R. Costanzo, et al. titled, "Interventions Linked to Decreased Heart Failure Hospitalizations During Ambulatory Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitoring”2 has been published online in the Journal of American College of Cardiology: Heart Failure. This is the first publication to demonstrate the relationship between pulmonary artery pressure-guided interventions and the significant reduction in heart failure hospitalizations observed in the CHAMPION Clinical Trial.1

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CardioMEMS™ HF System Clinical Protocol Example
Philip B Adamson MD, MSc, FACC.

Medical Director St. Jude Medical, the former Director Heart Failure Institute at Oklahoma Heart Hospital, shares his experience with patient management of heart failure using PA Pressure.

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Recent Clinical Data

Newly Published CHAMPION Clinical Trial Data Reinforces Effectiveness and Sustained Benefit of Pulmonary Artery Pressure Guided HF Management

Read the full Lancet article

Pulmonary Artery Pressure Management in Heart Failure Patients with Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy or Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Devices Significantly Reduces Hospitalizations and Mortality Above and Beyond Background Guideline-Directed Medical

Presenter: William Abraham, MD
Read the abstract

Pressure for Action: Implantable Pulmonary Artery Pressure Sensor Measurements Alone Beat Clinical Signs to Guide Prevention of Heart Failure Hospitalizations

Presenter: Lee Goldberg, MD, MPH
Read the abstract

Cost Effectiveness Assessment of Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitoring for Heart Failure Management

Presenter: Philip Adamson, MD
Read the abstract

On-demand Webinars

Discover the CardioMEMS™ HF System

Interactive web conferences are available on a variety of topics including guidelines for managing heart failure using PA pressure, ambulatory PA pressure treatment strategies and integrating the CardioMEMS™ HF System into your heart failure program.

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3. Alam, A., Jermyn, R., Joseph, M., Patel, S., Jorde, U., Saeed, O. (2016). Improved Quality of Life Scores and Exercise Capacity with Remote Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitoring in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure. ACC; Abstract 903-06.

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